Promote Your Business!

Automated promotion to affluent supporters of nonprofits at fundraising events. We use only your approved logos, photos and messaging. You’re in full control.

Automatically generated promotional flyer

"Our local stores get covered with requests from nonprofit organizations asking for gift cards they can sell at their fundraising events. Now we have an easy process to handle all those requests efficiently."

- Tom B., Major Retailer
Certificate includes redemption code

Save Time / Save Money

You set your yearly budget (either on a national level or local level) and nonprofits preferences/ restrictions, and we handle the rest. When a charity asks you for a gift card, now your managers have an easy answer, and they won’t get sidetracked loading up gift cards manually and worrying about manual accounting headaches.

Increase Revenue

Use certificate denominations that ensure additional purchases (e.g- $50 card when your average purchase is $200) Encourage redemption during slow periods (perfect for restaurants). Add new customers, and enjoy a nice boost in your "brand halo".